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Microwaves Trainer
The Microwaves trainer is provided complete with a detailed educational manual. Microwaves trainer consists of a set of components, accessories and instruments and can be used as a laboratory test bench to experiment with the microwaves components as well as to study the aspects of wave propagation. 
Our 3 cm. waveguide trainer provides users with an in-depth training on frequency transmission characteristics and gives students the possibility to perform all the main exercises in this field. The Microwaves trainer has been designed to introduce students to the microwave technology. 

The Microwaves trainer includes the following components: 
•  Variable attenuator.
•  Crystal detector.
•  Directional coupler.
•  Shorting plate.
•  Matched terminator.
•  Waveguide to coaxial adaptor.
•  Waveguide.
•  Frequency meter.
•  Gunn oscillator.
•  PIN modulator.
•  6dB and 20dB fixed attenuators.
•  Hybrid tee.
•  Horn antenna.
•  Slotted line.
•  Slide screw tuner.
•  Function generator.
•  Power supply.
•  Power meter.
•  SWR meter.

Microwaves Trainer

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