Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus
The rotor shaft is coupled to a motor mounted on a trunion frame having bearings in a yoke frame, which is free to rotate about vertical axis. Rotor disc can be move about three axis.The gyroscopic couple can be determined.  Torque can be applied by calculating the weight and distance of weight from the center of rotor. The set up consists of heavy stainless steel disc mounted on a horizontal shaft, rotated by a variable speed motor.  A weight pan on other side of disc balances the weight of motor.
Technical Details:-
•  Dia: 300 mm x 12 mm thick precisely balanced which can be rotated in 3 mutually perpendicular axis.
•  Motor: Variable speed of standard make. 
•  Disc Material: Stainless Steel.
•  Weights: 2 kg, 1 kg, ½ kg.
•  Stop Watch Electronic.
•  Accurately marked scale & pointer to measure precession rate.
•  Supplied with Speed Control Unit.

Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus