Multi Cylinder Engine Test Bed With Remote Control
A comprehensive instrumentation package, data acquisition and computer control of facilities allows experimental analysis of engine performance parameters such as power, torque, speed and efficiency under various operating conditions, controlled and measured by a dynamometer and ancillary instrumentation. A remote control console is provided to start/stop the engine with 10 turn potentiometers to control engine load & speed. Cussons offers two engine options that are sub-frame mounted to allow rapid engine changes. Coded engine connections ensure correct connection of services & instrumentation when the engine is changed.Display of all test parameters is via a remote PC screen, coolant & lubricant temperature is closed loop controlled to temperatures entered on the PC. Multi-Cylinder Automotive Engine Test Bed has been developed to provide a facility for the practical demonstration of internal combustion engine technology.

Experimental Capability of Multi Cylinder Engine Test Bed With Remote Control:
•  Measurement of maximum torque and maximum power allowing of full load power against speed curves to be plotted.  
•  Determination of brake mean effective pressures.
•  Analysis of part load torque, speed characteristics.
•  Air flow rate.
•  Fuel flow rate.
•  Efficiency & fuel consumption characteristics at varying speed & load.  
•  Calculation of brake specific fuel consumption.
•  Analysis of load characteristics at constant speed.
•  Determination of volumetric efficiency.
•  Determination air-to-fuel ratio.
•  Determination of brake thermal efficiencies.

Multi Cylinder Engine Test Bed With Remote Control