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Multimedia Computer Trainer
Troubleshooting and fault finding procedure explained in details. Artificial fault creation facilities are provided by the switches. The typical voltages and waveforms are provided. An Exhaustive and Skilled oriented comprehensive instructional manual with complete theory explanation. Easy measurement of voltage and observation of waveforms.
The Different circuit boards of PC/AT Computer are exposed on a PCB. 

•  Memory (RAM): 256 MB DDR RAM.
•  Display adaptor card: Built-in-motherboard.
•  C.P.U with fan: Intel Celeron.
•  Mother board: Mercury (v2.0, P1865D7).
•  Hard disk: 80 GB-Seagate.
•  Floppy disk drive: 1.44 MB.
•  Monitor: 15 Color SVGA-LG / SAMSUNG.
•  Key board: Multimedia key board (I-ball / EQ.).
•  Mouse: Optical mouse with pad (I-ball / EQ.).
•  SMPS: 450 Watts (ATX).
•  DVD Rom/Writer: LG / SAMSUNG.
•  Sound card: Built-in-motherboard.
•  Speakers and Mike: Stereo speakers.
•  TV tunercard: PCI with Rfin, Video in, s-videoin.
•  Video Camara: Web cam/Easy tune.
•  Ethernet: Built-in-motherboard.
•  Modem: 56.6 kbps.

Multimedia Computer Trainer

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