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Nanovolt Meter
The two-channel Nanovoltmeter is optimized for making stable, low noise voltage measurements and for characterizing low resistance materials and devices reliably and repeatably. It provides higher measurement speed and significantly better noise performance than alternative low voltage measurement solutions.
The Nano voltmeter represents the next step forward in Keithley nano voltmeter technology, replacing enhanced capabilities including pulse capability, lower measurement noise, faster current reversals, and a simplified delta mode for making resistance measurements in combination with a reversing current source. 

•  Averages multiple readings for greater noise reduction.
•  Built-in thermocouple linearization and cold junction compensation.
•  Dual-channel Nano voltmeter, Range : 1nV – 100V.
•  Make low noise measurements at high speeds, typically just 15nV p-p noise at 1s response time, 40nV – 50nV p-p noise at 60ms.

Nanovolt Meter

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