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Organic Impurities Test Set

The Organic Impurities Test is a widely used, simple procedure to determine the presence of organic compounds in fine aggregates. 
Lab Connection offers a complete Organic Impurities Test Set with or without sodium hydroxide reagent or individual set components for your convenience.

If the resulting color of the liquid above the test sample is darker than a reference chart standard color, organic compounds may be present and further testing should be done. 
The Test Bottles are graduated in oz and ml and have watertight screw-on caps.
Samples are shaken in a special graduated bottle with a 3% sodium hydroxide solution then allowed to stand for 24 hours. 

Sodium hydroxide pellets supply enough 3% solution for over 150 tests.
Upgraded five-color Color Reference Chart meets latest revisions.
Sodium Hydroxide Pellets in reagent grade can be ordered to ensure compliance.

Organic Impurities Test Set

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