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Orifice And Mouthpiece Apparatus
The unit consists of Orifice-meter and Mouthpiece allows hydrologists and engineers a simple method of measuring the Coefficient of Discharge, Coefficient of Contraction and Coefficient of Velocity in variable heads.

•  Orifice-meter - 16 & 12 mm (Mild Steel with Chrome Plating).
•  Mouthpieces - 18 & 14 mm (Brass).
•  Sliding pointer with scale to measure X and Y axis.
•  Measuring tank- 295 X 345 X 345 mm.
•  Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm.
•  Transparent pizometer tubes with scale to measure head and measuring tank discharge.
•  Chrome platted over flow pipe to change the variable heads.
•  Flow control valve to change Discharge.

Orifice And Mouthpiece Apparatus

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