Orificemeter Apparatus
The unit consists of Orifice-meter allows hydrologists and engineers a simple method of measuring the Coefficient of Discharge in variable heads.

•  Block Type Acrylic Differential Manometer (250-0-250 mm).
•  Measuring tank- 295 X 345 X 345 mm.
•  Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm.
•  Flow control valve to change Discharge.
•  Transparent pizometer tubes with scale to measure measuring tank discharge.
•  Orifice-meter - 13 mm (Mild Steel with Painting).

Range of Experiment:-
The aim of this experiment is to Calibrate the given obstruction flow meter, Like Orifice-meter and Plot the characteristics and to find its coefficient of discharge for different rates of flow and Obtain an appreciation of how it meters work and of the theory behind the apparatus.

Orificemeter Apparatus