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Lab Connection is renowned 
Oxygen Therapy System Manufacturer, Oxygen Therapy System Suppliers, Oxygen Therapy System Exporter, Oxygen Therapy Equipment India , Hospital Surgical Equipments, Oxygen Therapy System India. Oxygen Therapy System is a medical treatment which reinforces the body’s natural healing method by inhalation of 100% gas beneath multiplied air pressure. Beneath these conditions, your lungs will gather additional gas than would be attainable respiration pure gas. Your blood carries this gas throughout your body, therefore it helps fight bacterium and stimulate the discharge of drugs referred to as growth factors and stem cells, that promote healing. Lab Connection tend to area unit able to increase the partial pressure of gas, that dissolves the gas into the plasma and different fluids of the body. we tend to use this medical aid to deliver gas to hypoxic space within the body, and our bodies do the remainder. this is often considerably works.

Oxygen Therapy System

SKU: LC-658

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