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Pallet Storage System
These three elements permit a progressive approach of the palleting process technology, and practical works oriented toward the knowledge of the sensors, pre actuators, actuators, effectors, the mechanical links and the initiation to automatics. The system includes a switching functional chain of the bags a configuration and orientation functional subset of the bags ref and a module.
Necessary Energy
•  Electricity: 220 V AC mono phase.
•  Air compressed 6 bar.

Training Features:-
•  The practical works permit to understand the various sequences of the program.
•  The system permits to visualize 5 operative tasks analyzed under a S.A.D.T form.
•  The cycle is described by GRAFCET and GEMMA.

•  L x w x h = 1000 x 600 x 510mm,
•  Mass: 68 kg.

Pallet Storage System

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