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Parallel Operation of Two Single Phase Transformers
The training system helps to get fully acquainted with the functioning of a single phase transformer. Students can learn about the significance of connecting the two transformers in parallel and its effect on the system. The varied scope of learning makes the subject completely understanding and interesting. Additionally one can also learn the polarity in the transformers. You can load on the transformer more than the rating of the individual transformer then analyze the Parallel operation phenomenon.


•  Designed by considering all the safety precautions.
•  Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections.
•  Exclusive and attractive designed panel.
•  Provided with an extensive e-manual.
•  On board high quality meters.
•  Stand alone operation.

Technical Specifications:-
•  Rating : 1kVA.
•  Transformers (2Nos.).
•  Mains supply : 230 V AC ±10%, 50Hz.
•  Primary Voltage : 0 – 230 V.
•  Secondary Voltage : 0 – 200 – 230 V.

Parallel Operation of Two Single Phase Transformers

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