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Permeability Test System

Permeability Test System for efficient and accurate permeability testing of a wide range of construction materials.

Permeability Cell:-
Cell Diameter Ø 75 mm.
The (b) type permeability cell is specially designed for constant head tests on incoherent soil samples.
Weight 3 Kg Standpipe with three manometers tubes:-
Comprises 3 glass tubes all of the same diameter, relevant graduated rods, taps and metal pedestal for bench mounting.
Dimensions: 320 x 1450 x 500 mm.
Weight: 15 g 
Constant level tank: Supplied with support for wall mounting.
It comprises a transparent body, water supply ducts, discharge and flow valves.
Inlet and drainage ducts are found in the metal base.
A movable stem enables stabilization of the upper surface of the sample.
It has a central body with 3 outlets for 3 manometer tubes through which water is collected after seepage through the sample.

Permeability Test System

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