Portable Interactive Device
You can write on the board with the help of stylus. This device can convert any plane surface or white board into Interactive. Portable devices attach themselves with magnetic sealant to standard dry-erase whiteboards to turn them into interactive whiteboards. As you move the pen across the whiteboard, displaying the computer image, the mouse cursor follows. You can touch the screen twice with help of your finger to perform the normal double-click as you would do with your mouse.you can touch the board to control the computer mouse cursor. You can connect the device to your laptop or desktop computer. You can make the notes, draw on board, Print, Browse net etc. 

•  The projection screen can realize full-screen touch. 
•  Five seconds to complete automatic positioning.
•  The projection area works as a touch panel for windows touch.
•  Support 100-point finger touch at the same time; 150inch screen.
•  Auto-calibration, complete within 5 seconds, the success rate of more than.
•  It is more cost effective than other Interactive Boards.
•  It is compatible with various software.

Portable Interactive Device