Pressure Flow Packed Bed
This equipment is highly appreciated among our customer for their flawless design, hassle free installation and easy maintenance. The equipment offered by us is equipped with a rotameter and a manometer for the flow and drop measurement of water respectively. 

•  Floor Area 0.75 m x 0.75 m.
•  Flow Measurement : Rotameter for water.
•  Drop Measurement : Manometer.
•  The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure.
•  Packed Column : Material Borosilicate Glass with both end made of Stainless Steel.
•  Packing : Material Borosilicate Glass Raschig rings, Size 8-10 mm approx.
•  Water tank : Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 30 Litres.
•  Water Circulation : FHP Pump Crompton/Sharp make.
•  Electricity 500 watts, 220 V, 1 Phase.

Pressure Flow Packed Bed