Pressure Measurment Apparatus
The unit is designed to introduce students to five basic types of pressure devices. Different types of pressure measurement devices are coupled to the orifice-meter to measure pressures, and the working and operating principle of the pressure measuring devices can be studied. 

•  Pressure gauge- 0-4 Kg/cm2.
•  Vacuum Gauge- 0-760 mmHG.
•  Flow control valve to change Pressure.
•  Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm.
•  Single well Manometer 0-25mm (Limb) 0-30mm (Cup).
•  Inclined U Tube manometer- 0-30mm (Limb) and 0-30mm (Inclined Limb).
•  Acrylic Differential manometer 250-0-250mm.

Pressure Measurment Apparatus