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Projection Microscope
The structure of microscopic specimens becomes visible to the naked eye by taking the projection on the screen, during observation and demonstration to a group of students. The microscopes are compact in design and can easily contrast and distortion free magnified images on a fine ground glass screen.
Nosepiece - Triple revolving nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops
Stage - Mechanical stage of 135x120mm. Low co-axial drive controls for X-Y movement and cross movement 50X75mm, fully graduated vernier scale.
Body - Monocular Fixed Straight Tube, length 160mm.
Illumination - 20W halogen lamp, 220/110Volts. Lamp slots provided for natural cooling of the illuminator.
Eyepieces - Huygenian 10X and 15X
Screen - 150mm diameter Glass Projection Screen is provided, can be rotated over 360° on Microscope tube.
Objectives - Achromatic 4X - 10X- 40XSL.


Projection Microscope

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