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Redwood Viscometer Apparatus
The complete outfit comprises hammertoe finish, copper/Stainless steel bath with drain plug, electrical heating arrangement, Suitable to operate at 220 Volts 50 Hz AC mains Or gas heating arrangement with silver plated oil cup with precision stainless steel jet, ball value, cover, thermometer clip, stirrer and suitable stand with levelling screws. The temperature is maintained during the test by heating the liquid in a bath surrounding the cup, and the flow time for 50 ml of the sample is measured. Two adaption of Redwood Viscometers are available. 
The sample required to be tested, is to fill in to the required level as indicated by the gauge in a cup having a Stainless Steel jet fixed in the bottom.Redwood viscometer apparatus are widely used in Petroleum Laboratories, Industries, Oil Refineries, Educational Institutions, and Research Organisations for standardisation and determines the Viscosity of Petroleum products, which flows in a Newtonian liquid except cut back Bitumen and road oils at the set temperature, they confirm to requirement of IP 70. 

Redwood Viscometer Apparatus

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