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Relay Control Trainer

•  PLC :- Delta Make or equivalent.
•  Push Buttons & input potentiometers are provide on board for applying the inputs.
•  Digital Outputs Controls :- 06 nos. LED indicators are provide on board for showing the results.
•  Operating Voltage :- +24V.
•  Digital Inputs :- 08 Nos with 4mm banana sockets for getting the external inputs.
•  Safety sees through Metallic cabinets.
•  Supply Voltage :- 1-Phase, 230V, 50 Hz.
•  Pc interfacing facility through Rs-232.

•  Digital Outputs :- 06 Nos with 4mm banana sockets for applying the inputs.
•  Digital Input Controls :- Two Nos. Toggle switches, two Nos.

•  User Manual.

Curriculum Coverage:
•  Basics of PLC programming.
•  Developing ladder logic programs.
•  Programming timers.
•  Fundamentals of stepper motor control with direction control, step control logic simulation.
•  Setting initial conditions.

Relay Control Trainer

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