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Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Unit

Comprehensive instrumentation is provided with digital meters displaying temperatures and system pressure. 
This is fully self-contained in a mobile cabinet.
All parts in contact with the process fluid are constructed from hygienic design materials such as stainless steel, PTFE and silicone rubber.
In addition to the membrane module, the cabinet also houses feed and permeate tanks, a plate heat exchanger and positive displacement pumps. 
Connection to cooling water and a suitable electrical supply is all that is required for normal operation.
The RO/UF unit has an efficient clean-in-place facility and is easily dismantled for servicing or maintenance.

It uses a  membrane module which accommodates all PCI membrane types. 
Membranes can be installed or removed rapidly for use in either process.
The unit is supplied with a pack of both R.O. membranes and U.F. membranes.
The filtration membranes differ only in length and quantity from those installed in the full-scale plant. 
Using small quantities of process fluid, operating parameters can be established and then optimized to effect a confident transition to full-scale.

Flowrates: 30, 18, 15 and 9l/m
Pressures: Variable up to 55 bar
Diameter: 1.25cm
Area: 0.024m2
Tubeside Volume: 75ml
Typical Permeate Flow: 5-50ml/min
Feed Tank Capacity: 15 litres
Permeate Tank Capacity: 15 litres

Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration Unit

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