Reynolds Apparatus
The entry of water in Perspex tube is through elliptical bell mouth to have smooth flow at the entry. A regulating valve is provided on the downstream side of the tube to regulate the flow. Apparatus consist of storage cum supply tank, which has the provision for supplying coloured dye through jet. A Perspex tube is provided to visualize the different flow condition. 
The discharge must be varied very gradually from a smaller to larger value. A collecting tank is used to find the actual discharge through the Perspex tube. 

•  Acrylic tube of Dia.25mm and length 1 mtr. to study different flow conditions.
•  1 Litter plastic flask to measure discharge.
•  Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm.
•  Flow control valve to change Discharge.
•  Transparent pizometer tubes with scale to measure head.

Range of Experiment:-
•  To obtain the Reynolds number in different flow conditions.
•  To study different flow conditions.

Reynolds Apparatus