Reynolds Apparatus

The Apparatus consists of a glass tube with one end having bell mouth entrance connected to a water tank. 
At the other end of the glass tube, a cock is provided to vary the rate of flow. 
To this tube, the dye is fed from a small container, placed at the top of Constant head Tank, through polythene tubing.
A capillary tube is introduced centrally in the bell mouth. 
To study different types of flow.
The flow rate of water can be measured with the help of Measuring Cylinder and Stop Watch supplied. 
To determine Reynold's Number.
Hence the type of flow either laminar or turbulent.


Capillary Tube: Material Copper / Stainless Steel
Constant Head Water Tank: Capacity 40 Ltrs. 
Water Circulation: FHP Pump
Control Panel Comprises of Standard makes, On/Off Switch, Mains Indicator, etc.
The Whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure.
Flow Measurement: Use Measuring Cylinder
Tube: Material Borosilicate Glass
Dye Vessel: Materiel SS., Suitable Capacity 
Sump Tank: Capacity 60 Ltrs
Stop Watch: Electronic 

Reynolds Apparatus