SCR Based DC Supply Panel
These DC supply panels are in 3 phases completely controlled with the S.C.R based bridge convertor. These are praised for its durable quality, unique features like safety in terms from any of electrical faults and short-circuits.  
Fault Diagnosis And Safety Features
•  Voltage fold back for current limit.
•  Over load trip.
•  Single phase/under voltage trip.
•  Regulator card used to monitor voltages and wave forms in various test points.
•  Panels with voltage meter and current meter in front.
•  For the easy searching of faults the enunciator is in front door with DC voltage settings.
•  C. Voltage build up has a smooth start features.
•  Immediate over current trip.
•  Regulation is better than ± 1 %.
•  Power card and regulator card consist of perfect control system.
•  Regulator card isolated from main power.
•  Easy changeability for the supply of voltage.
•  Rating available: 200Amp/100Amp/60Amp/30Amp.
•  Resistance of burden available on D.C supply as S.C.R voltage devices.
•  Output voltage varies from 0 to 230V.

SCR Based DC Supply Panel