Sensors Trainer Captech
The Operative Part in aluminium section to place on the working table including. 1 tray with 4 notches motorized by 1 gear motor 24V and 1 dual-belting conveyor of width 150 mm and length 1500 mm for the 1st belting intended to the small boxes and those of other material than iron, and 1000 mm for the 2nd belting intended to the big boxes, with gear motor 220V.  Sensors of different technologies and additional deficient sensors. Technical documentation and electric diagram. 1 switch gear between the belting 1 and the belting 2 of the conveyor actuated by 1 gear motor 24V.

The Control Desk: 
•  Control desk in aluminium section to place on a working table including.
•  1 desk.
•  1 rotating button with 3 positions according to the type of connection (Asi, terminal, ” Harting “).
•  1 emergency stop button with key.
•  1 green light push-button for cycle start.
•  1 black light push-button for cycle end.
•  1 switch with 2 positions for drainage.
•  The switches to simulate the sensors.
•  1 dialogue desk Magelis.
•  1 transformer 220V /24V.
•  1 motor circuit breaker and motor contactor.
•  1 ON/Off switch with power cable 220V.
•  The ” Harting ” type sockets.

Sensors Trainer Captech