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Single Cylinder Engine Test Bed
First of all the welded steel baseplate complete with D.C. dynamometer, drive coupling and safety guard, spring type anti-vibration mountings, exhaust silencer, flexible pipe and provision for engine mountings. Two main components form the basis of the test bed. Secondly the framework/console which is positioned over the test bed carrying all instrumentation and controls, fuel system with flow measurement by burette, air flow measurement system, multi-point temperature indicator together with all the electrical circuits necessary for control of the dynamometer and engine.

Experimental Capability of Single Cylinder Engine Test Bed:    
•  Air/Fuel ratio.
•  Volumetric efficiency.
•  Fuel consumption mixture loops.
•  Heat balance and energy studies.
•  Frictional power losses.
•  Full and part load performance.

Single Cylinder Engine Test Bed

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