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Single Phase Energy Meter Trainer
The design can be adapted to suit specific regional requirements, e.g., power is usually distributed for residential customers as single phase, 3-wire. The meter is designed for use in single-phase, 2-wire distribution systems. This includes direct drive capability for LCD Display and a high frequency pulse output for Calibration. This is a highly integrated system comprised of two ADC’s, a reference circuit, and a fixed DSP function for the calculation of real power.
A highly stable oscillator is integrated into the design to provide the necessary clock for the IC. 
•  Easy diagrammatic representation of Energy Meter.
•  Micro controller based LCD display.
•  Test points are provided to measure the voltages at different points.
•  Low Cost Trainer with high accuracy, demonstrating all the basic concepts of Single Phase Energy Measurement.
•  Complete training system for in depth study of single phase energy meter.
•  The display acts as a counter of units consumed as well as it shows the wattage of load and the time since the system has been On.
•  Good quality, reliable sockets are provided at appropriate places on board for electric board supply and load connections.
•  Designed with considering all safety standards.
•  Provided with an extensive e-manual.


Technical Specifications:-
•  Maximum Current : 30 A.
•  Display Counter : 100 impulses /KWh (On LCD).
•  Line Voltage : 230V AC ±10%, 50 Hz.
•  Meter Constant : 1600 impulses/KWh (On LED).
•  Shunt : 350 mW.

Single Phase Energy Meter Trainer

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