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Students can compare Rainfall of different seasons for a place and can conclude, how wet a place is.


Range 0 to 14pH
Temp. Comp. 0oC (Manual)
Resolution 0.01pH
Accuracy +0.01 pH


Range N.A., 0 to + 1999 mV
Resolution 0.01pH, N.A., 1 mV
Accuracy N.A., + 1 mV + 1 digit



Range 1, 5
Cell Constant 0.4 - 1.5 Adj
Resolution 0.1 Micro mhos
Accuracy + 0.5% FS



Range 0o - 100oC
Resolution 0.1oC
Accuracy +0.1oC + digit


Range 1, 5
Cell Constant 0.4 - 1.5 Adj
Resolution 0.1ppm
Accuracy +5% FSD


Range 0-20 ppm, N.A.
Temp. Comp. 0.1 ppm, N.A.
Resolution +0.3 ppm, N.A.
Accuracy 5o to 50o (Manual), N.A.


Range 0-1000 NTU/JTU, N.A.
Resolution 1 NTU/JTU, N.A.


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Soil Test Kit

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