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Steering and Suspension System Trainer
This real component trainer provides the instructor with a working light vehicle steering and suspension system for group or whole-class demonstration.
The system comprises front wheel assemblies, MacPherson strut and coil spring assemblies, road wheels and power steering rack.
This includes all the individual components of the system presented on a moveable, steel frame so that each component can be clearly identified.

The trainer offers the following practical demonstrations:-
Introduce the steering and suspension system trainer
Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble rack and pinion steering gear.
Inspect power steering fluid levels and condition.
Diagnose power steering fluid leakage.
Inspect and replace manual or power rack and pinion steering gear inner track rod ends and gaiters.
Remove, inspect and replace power steering pump, mounts, seals, pump belt, pump pulley and pump belt.
Inspect, replace and adjust track rod ends, track rod sleeves and clamps.
Remove, inspect and install upper and lower wishbones, bushes, shafts, and rebound bumpers.
Remove, inspect, and install hub carrier assemblies.
Inspect, remove and replace dampers.

Steering and Suspension System Trainer

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