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Student Medical Microscope
Student Medical Microscope Stand Stable and Robust, assembled from Aluminium die-cast parts. Nose piece Quadruple nose piece with accurate centering and positive click stops. 
Illumination Plano- Concave 50mm adjustable mirror on gimble mount. 
The Microscopes are extra-tough and suitable for a wide range of applications, from elementary education to college level. 
The Microscopes are latest in design precision-engineered with finest features, usually found in high-priced models.
Stage Detachable horizontal graduated mechanical stage size 120 X 120 mm with adjustment for slide manipulation up to 45 x 75mm.
Interchangeable with sub-stage illumination.
Eyepieces - Huygenian 10X-15X or WF 10X.
Objectives- Achromatic 10X, 40XSL and 100 XSL Oil immersion.
Lab Connection are leading manufacturers, suppliers of Student Medical Microscope. Contact us to get high quality Student Medical Microscope for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries.

Student Medical Microscope

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