Surface Treatment Plant
Temperature control of the chemical oil cleaning bath. Management of 5 positions on the Y axis in order to ensure the operations of chemical oil cleaning, rinsing, acid dipping, rinsing and zinc coating. Management of 2 positions on axis (high and low). 

Technical specifications:-
•  Acid dipping station.
•  Acid zinc plating station.
•  Horizontal translation motor.
•  Chemical oil cleaning station.
•  Electrical cabinet.
•  Transparent safety guard of the working area.
•  Ventilation hood
•  Rinsing station.
•  Vertical translation motor.
•  Jib crane.
•  Retention tank.
•  Filtering block.
•  The handling of the jib cranes in the 2 axes Y and Z (horizontal and vertical) is made with a speed of displacement of about 0,2 m/s.
•  Temperature control of the chemical oil cleaning bath by waves-train and static relays.
•  The feeding of the electrolytic zinc plating bath is made by a current generator of 0-10 A with controlled direct current.
•  Display of tension and current.

Surface Treatment Plant