Synchronous Motor With Exciter
Mechanical loadings:
loading arrangements by the help of pulley of the synch motors with exciters. Stamping of armature with high grade silicon. Poles shoes offered in deepener windings.

Electrical loading: D.C Generator fitted with motor and exciter on similar channel basis. Type of self Synchronizing. 
For the high insulation strength, field windings and armature are impregnated in vacuum pressure. For mechanical loading ratings: 415V, 1500RPM, 2H.P to 5H.P directly coupled with exciter.
For trouble free and longer life operations large size of bearings are used. Dynamic balanced slanted rotor used for the low noise. Brush holders in constant/uniform pressure. Terminal box is properly engraved with all terminals. Excellent quality carbon bushes are used in rings of gun metal slips.

Synchronous Motor With Exciter