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Lab Export is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest technical educational equipment in India. We have been manufacturing and supplying Technical Education Equipment for over 61 years worldwide. We are the supplier and manufacturer of an immense collection of Technical Lab Instruments particularly used in engineering training. Our head office is located in Ambala Cantt. Labis a world-renowned brand name in manufacturing of science lab equipment. We provide a complete range of all products related to Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Since foundation, Lab Export has established and maintained itself at one of the top positions in global technical training education sector, helping students worldwide. Using our years of experience and technical knowledge, we manufacture reliable and quality products imparting knowledge and helping academia worldwide. We have excelled at manufacturing innovative and advanced technical education equipment. We are known worldwide as a Technical Educational Equipment Supplier company offering integrated, hands-on technical learning equipment. We aim to enhance workplace skills by providing technical training equipment to schools, colleges, universities, technical training centers worldwide. Some of our offered range comprises A-C and Refrigeration, Alternative Energy, Automatic Control System, Automobile & Thermodynamics Engineering Models, Autotronics System, Bio-Process etc.

Constantly evolving growing demands of the technical education sector and rapidly advancing technology have many implications on the marketplace, urging manufacturers to embrace innovative solutions to stay uprooted in strong competition. There is a high demand for well certified, skilled workforce trained on a diverse range of technologies. Lab Export offers a wide range of technical education training equipment with innovative designs and a level of unmatched quality. Lab Export’s technical educational equipment covers a wide range of concepts & principles giving future technicians a comprehensive understanding of technical processes. These systems enable students to gain knowledge of the fundamental principles of technical learning by learning through hands-on experiments. Our technical learning systems serve as the building blocks for career-focused education.

All designing, developing and manufacturing is done in-house assuring high quality products and services. Our immense product array is used at schools, colleges, universities, technical training institutes, industries and research centers around the globe spanning the following disciplines: Electrical engineering, electronics engineering, Chemical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering; Food Technology, Industrial processing plus many more.  We are well aware that every lab has a different and specific requirement. We provide support and assistance to our customers in equipment selection and installation as per their needs. Without compromising on quality we help you design your perfect technical laboratory. The price of our instruments is 100% reasonable. We aspire to manufacture the best worth of Equipment and supply our finest services as Technical Educational Equipment Manufacturer in the whole world. We are looking forward to expanding our territories throughout the globe making us the best Technical Educational Equipment Exporter in the world.

Technical Educational Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

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