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Telephone Trainer
The trainer comes complete with exhaustive experiment manual, accessories, test points, and LED’s for indication. Practical experience on this trainer carries great educative value for science & engineering Students. It gives hands on experience on basic telephony concepts, working and different experiments on telephone. The complete circuit is printed on single sided PCB in section wise format, depicting the complete flow of system.


•  Power from external telephone line, no power supply is required.
•  Pulse dialing as well as tone dialing facility.
•  Single sided PCB depicting different working sections.
•  35 test points and LED’s provided on board to study signals.
•  Dialer and ringer section.
•  Mute, Redial and ON / OFF hook switches.
•  Telephone Handset: 1 Nos.
•  Weight : 4 Kg. (Approx.).


Technical Specifications:-
•  Keyboard : 4×3 matrix keyboard.
•  Dialer : Tone and pulse.
•  Facilities : Redial up to 32 digits, Mute, Redial, Flash, Pause switches.
•  Line in section : One dot line connection port.
•  Handset : One handset connection port.
•  Indicators : Line in, Hook, tone and ringer, Call mute section.
•  Control : Ringer volume control, Ringer speed control.
•  Speech path : Fully Non-Blocking.
•  Dial pulse ratio : 10 pps + / – 10%.
•  Tone frequency : 430 Hz.
•  Input power : From telephone line.

Telephone Trainer

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