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Lab is one of the leading brands In the science market. It was established in 1954, since then there was no looking back. In today’s world of competition, they have been stabled themselves to be known as the best brand for labs equipment. They are the well-known manufacturer of chemistry, physic, biology and math’s labs equipment. They have their headquarters in Ambala Cantt. They believe in manufacturing the quality product as per ISO certifications. They follow strict quality assurance protocols enforcing inspection of all products at every stage of manufacturing equipment. They believe in full customers satisfaction and keep working towards it. The company is not only getting the good response in India but also around the world they are successful in making their fans for the products.

They provide different types of Testing Lab Equipment including bitumen testing, asphalt, cement, soil, material, and sand, mechanical, card, Spring and Fatigue, Rockwell testing, etc.  We are known for designing and developing high-quality, high performing, durable products at a competitive price.

It is really important to test the material before using it in order to avoid any future accidents. Hence Lab is continuously working on it and have been providing the best testing equipments in the market and been successful in making the market free from risks.

Testing Lab Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, as the word proposes, are exceptionally planned frameworks, found in research centers and used to do logical analyses or taking estimations and social occasion information. As a rule, Scientific Lab Testing Equipments are advanced and generally consolidate figuring innovation to enhance and streamline control, improve and broaden instrumental capacities, conditions, parameter modifications and information inspecting, gathering, goals, examination (both amid and post-process), stockpiling and recovery.

Testing Lab Machines Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters in India

SKU: LC-693

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