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Tilting Flume 

The gates provided at the upstream & downstream of the test section help to regulate the depth of flow. The slope of the bed can be adjusted to give positive or negative slopes. The Tilting flume consists of a channel of size as in specifications. At the inlet a flow steadying section is provided so that there will be fewer disturbances at the test section. Depth measurements can be achieved with the help of a hook or point gauge mounted on a trolley which gives longitudinal and transverse movement. 


•  Sliding gates one at upstream and other at the downstream side.

•  Screw jack for change of the slope of the flume.

•  A hydraulic flume of c/s 200x300 mm & 6000 mm length with transparent window on either sides of 1800 mm length.

•  A Sump tank of sufficient capacity.

•  Supply tank with waves damping arrangement.

•  A 3 H.P. centrifugal monoblock pump.

•  An Orifice meter with manometer to measure the discharge. 

•  Inlet/throat dimensions: 50/25 mm respectively.

•  Trolley with point gauge for level measurement.

Tilting Flume

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