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Demonstrates concepts associated with electromagnetic induction and induced currents and its efficiency, etc.
One each laminated metallic U-and 1-core with screws at the top of the U-core to take the 1-core.

Included are the following :-
• Two soft iron pole pieces
• 300 turn coil
• Two 600 turn coils
• 1200 turn coil
• 1200 turn coil with mains socket
• 3600 turn coil
• 3600 turn coil with center tapping
• 12000 turn coil
• 6-turn copper coil with insulated handles
• Solder trough and handle
• Reversible, aluminum, pendulum plate, with one end slotted, and the other, continuous.

• With axle.
• Rotating disc, with axle.
• All coils are wound on plastic bobbins with rectangular cross-section, using enameled copper wire.
• Each coil has a hole at its center for mounting it in the U-core, and has socket terminals for electrical connection, with the number of turns printed.

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Transformer Dissectible

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