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Triaxial Test Set

For the Tri-axial test; Unconsolidated Undrained (UU).
Consolidated Drained (CD).
Unconfined Compression (UC).
Consolidated Undrained (CU).

Triaxial Cell:-
Porous disc for 70 mm specimens (set of 2).
Suction sleeve stretcher for 70 mm - 2.8" - 3" specimens.
Membrane, rubber latex for 70 mm - 2.8" specimens.
O-ring neoprene for 70 mm - 2.8" specimens.
Filter drain for 70 mm specimens pack of 50.
Two-part split mould for 70 mm specimens.
Triaxial cell for specimens up to 70 mm diameter.
Pedestal for 70 mm specimens.
Top cap with drainage for specimens of 70 mm.
The base plate, in aluminum for specimens of 70 mm.

Triaxial Test Set

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