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Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
Trinocular Observation: Seidentopf observation head inclined at 450. Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube. Inter – pupillary distance from 48mm to 75mm.
Illuminator: 12V/20W Halogen lamp with spherical collector lens, continuous regulation of the illumination.
Eye Piece: Eyepiece EWF 10x (Paired) FOV 18mm.
Objectives: LWD Plan 4x, LWD Plan phase 10x, 20x PH, LWD plan 40x.
Condenser: Long working distance 45mm. Condenser with N.A. 0.35. Field diaphragm, pull out filter socket.
Standard Accessories: Electric Cable, Fuse, Vinyle dust cover, Operating Manual, 12V/20W Halogen bulb, Styro Foam Molded pack.
Filter: Blue, Green, Yellow Glass Filter.
Mechanical Body: Quadruple nosepiece. Pre –Focussing Lever & Tension Adjustment Ring Are On Focusing Mechanism. Hard coated mechanical stage is 180mm x 165mm. Movement 50mm x 40mm.

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Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

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