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Universal Governor Apparatus
The spindle speed is controlled by speed control unit. This spindle is driven by a variable speed Motor which is also mounted vertically on the same base plate. Any one governor assembly out of four can be mounted on spindle. It consists of a main spindle, mounted vertically on the base plate. A graduated scale is fitted to the sleeve to measure the displacement. 

Technical Details:-
•  Governor Mechanism  Four different types of governor mechanism with spring and weights.
•  Watt Governor Porter Governor.
•  Hartnell Governor Proell Governor.
•  Motor Variable speed, Standard Make, FHP Motor.
•  Control Panel For speed control of motor.
•  Spindle Material Stainless Steel.

Utilities Required:
Power Supply: 230 V AC, Single Phase.
Floor Space: 1.5 x 1.5 m.
Tachometer to find out RPM.

Universal Governor Apparatus

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