UPS Trainer
The product is designed keeping in mind that a student can understand each block of UPS in a very easy way. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is presented in such a way that a student can readily understand its functioning and pin configuration. Various test points have been provided so that one can check inputs and outputs of each block contained.Being different from a conventional block diagram internal structure of blocks is also shown. The UPS trainer is a very versatile training system,has been designed to explain a very interesting and frequently used switching based power supply – The UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Since UPS is different from an inverter because its switching changeover time is less than 3 mS which is very less so a computer system doesn’t get reboot.
•  A Low cost product demonstrating all basic concepts of UPS.
•  Various test points are provided so that one can easily measures the voltages of different sections.
•  Designed considering all safety standards.
•  Provided with a detailed Operating manual.
•  In depth explanation of PWM switching technology, which is one of the most important feature of UPS.

Technical Specifications:-
•  Input : 190 to 260 V 10%, 50 Hz.
•  Output : 230 V.

UPS Trainer