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A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate very high amounts of electrical potential on a hollow metal globe on the top of the stand.
The potential difference achieved in modern Van de Graaff generators can reach 5 megavolts. A tabletop version can produce on the order of 100,000 volts and can store enough energy to produce a visible spark.
A Van de Graaff generator operates by transferring electric charge from a moving belt to a terminal.
Fitted on base with smooth running A.C. Motor, operates on 220 volts A.C. 50 Hz.
Charge collecting Belt : Silicon rubber having excellent insulation resistance.
Tracking: Belt-tracking easily adjusted.
Charge collecting combs : Aluminium mesh, clearly visible.
Sphere : Aluminium 150 mm. dia.
Connections : 4 mm. sockets in dome and base.
Voltage developed : Upto 200 kV

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Van De Graff Accessories set

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