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Vernier Microscope
The horizontal as well as vertical scales of stainless steel. Both carriages can be moved along their respective scales for approximate setting of desired positions after releasing their locking screws, finer adjustment of the carriage position being made with the fine adjustment knob at the end of each slide. 
The vertical column itself is mounted on a transverse carriage sliding horizontally on a metal rod in the base along the horizontal scale. 
A simple microscope tube with a rack and pinion arrangement for focusing is attached to a vertical carriage supported on a brass pillar. 
Complete assembly mounted on a heavy cast metal base with leveling screws which has a removable flat horizontal stage for positioning the sample/object under observation. The complete unit is packed in polished wooden case.
The carriages also have vernier with a least count of 0.01mm and provision for attaching a swing-out magnifier for reading the vernier. Microscope tube is adjustable both vertically as well as horizontally and has a Ramsden eye-piece with cross-line graticule. 

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Vernier Microscope

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