Vibrations On Machine Foundations
The can be used to investigate the problems of foundations and vibration isolation using a practical example. To do this, vibrations are generated and measured on a foundation. Springs are then used to try out different tunings and vibration absorbers are used to investigate absorption effects.An indispensible element of machine design is targeted reduction of vibrations. An elastic, vibration insulating installation of the machine avoids the transmission of harmful vibrations to the surroundings. This is installed on a foundation using springs and dampers. The foundation represents the surroundings and can be used to measure the effectiveness of the vibration isolation.  
Additional helical springs connect the foundation to the actual frame of the trainer. This double vibration isolation, combined with the high fixed weight of the frame, guarantees vibration-free laboratory operation, even under unfavourable experimental conditions.

Technical data Vibrations On Machine Foundations
•  Drive motors.
•  Max. Speed: 6.000min-1.
•  Max. Torque: approx. 3,40nm.
•  Machine mounted on a plate.
•  Mass: max. 26kg (incl. Additional weights 4x 2kg).
•  Max. Imbalance: 2x 5kgmm.
•  Max. Imbalance force: 2x 500n (up to 3.000min-1).

Vibrations On Machine Foundations