Identification of the components and association with their function
•  Analysis of the behavior of the wind turbine.
•  Assembly of the proposed installations.
•  Interpretation of diagrams and association with their objective.
•  Measurement of wind speed.
•  Analysis of the operation of the installations once assembled.

Technical Specification:-
•   Anemometer and wind direction sensor mounted on a stand.
•   A wind turbine, 400W, 12Vac.
•   A load module. It includes two mains voltage lamps, dichroic 35W and LED 3W, with independent switches.
•   A supporting frame for the modules.
•   A braking resistance, 250 W, 3 Ohm.
•   A module for the measurement of: wind speed (m/s), wind direction (degrees), current up to 30V, ± 15A (two dc ammeters), voltage up to 30V and power up to 1000W.
•   A dc to ac converter module.
•   An energy measurement module.
•   A differential magneto‐thermal switch.
•   A network distributor.
•   A motor kit for driving the wind turbine, composed of a stepper motor and a 300 W power supply.

Wind Energy Modular Trainer With Connection