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Window Air Conditioner Test Rig
The window AC is fixed in a rigid angle frame, with its cover cut half open to reveal the internal parts of the AC. The required pressure and temperature tapings are drawn for measurement of pressures and temperatures at salient points. With the help of manometer, velocity of air and consequently the flow rate of air can be determined. A sling psychrometer is provided for measurement of inlet and outlet Dry-bulb & wet bulb temperature. The Window AC test rig is designed and manufactured such that the students can understand construction and working of a window type air conditioner and conduct the trial on it to evaluate performance of the same. Energy meter is provided for recording compressor energy consumption. 

Technical Specifications:-
Capacity:1.0 TR at rated test conditions.
Condenser fan: Axial flow type.
Evaporator: Forced convection air cooled.
Evaporator fan:  Centrifugal type
Compressor:  Rotary type; Hermetically sealed. 
Condenser: Forced convection air cooled
Drier/ filter:  Molecular sieve type.
Expansion device:  Capillary Tube
Temperature:  Sling Psychrometer for air temperatures & Digital Indicator for refrigerant temperatures.
Velocity: By inclined tube manometer
Pressure: Pressure gauges 2 Nos at suction & discharge
Supply: 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 phase.
Input power: 1.2 kW
Rated current: 6.0 Amps.
Energy-meter: Provided for compressor.
Material Panel: 1.2 mm thick CRCA.
Outer finish: Powder coating. 

Window Air Conditioner Test Rig

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